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5 Myths About Hair Transplant

Myth #1 When you wash your hair you promote hair loss Fact: It can be troubling standing in the shower and watching those lovely locks make their way towards your shower drain, however, you need to remember that everyone loses approximately 100 hairs each day.  These hair follicles will be replaced when new hairs enter the growth phase.  Unless hair begins to fall out in large clumps there is usually nothing to worry about and

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Creating A “Natural” Appearing Hair Transplant With Neograft

At Renew Facial Plastic Surgery we take every measure possible to make sure that your hairline and transplanted hair are undetectable to even the most discerning eye. The process of creating a natural appearing hair transplant has many variables including the transplant technique, design of the hairline, hair orientation, and density variation. THE “OLD WAY” The old days of taking large punch grafts and transplanting them in rows that looked like “doll hair” are

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