Creating A “Natural” Appearing Hair Transplant With Neograft

At Renew Facial Plastic Surgery we take every measure possible to make sure that your hairline and transplanted hair are undetectable to even the most discerning eye. The process of creating a natural appearing hair transplant has many variables including the transplant technique, design of the hairline, hair orientation, and density variation.


The old days of taking large punch grafts and transplanting them in rows that looked like “doll hair” are thankfully long gone, but the stigma associated with the bad hair transplants of the distant past still have potential patient’s fearing they may end up looking like a cabbage patch doll!

The Old Way

Thankfully, you can say goodbye to those old hair plugs and say hello to NeoGraft.  The patented system allows us to individually take hairs from the donor area in the back of the head and transplant it to the balding area in a way that is very natural.


There are several factors to consider when making a hairline and hair transplant completely natural in appearance. One common mistake is making a hairline that is too straight. A natural hairline has both macro-variation and micro-variation within it. If you look at a natural hairline you will see that it is not a straight line, but rather it has a subtle waviness to it as it moves from front to back (macro-variation). If you look even closer there are small variations in both depth and density of the hair follicles along the hairline (micro-variation). By carefully recreating this macro and micro-variation as we place our individual grafts we can create a very natural appearing hairline.

Just as important is understanding what an age appropriate hairline is for both men and women.  It is unrealistic to expect that a 60-year-old man is going to have the hairline he did when he was 20 years old.  If a hairline is created that is not age appropriate it will look completely unnatural.  Some degree of temporal recession of the hairline in men is completely normal with the aging process and must be taken into account to provide a natural appearing result.

Hair normally grows with 1, 2, or 3 hairs coming out of a single follicle.  A natural hairline is made up of almost entirely single hair units and then gradually builds density as you move towards the back.  Using the NeoGraft method of follicular unit extraction, we are able to sort out the individual hairs and rebuild the hairline by placing the single hairs along the leading edge and gradually building density with the 2 and 3 hair units as we move back.

Lastly, because we extract each hair one by one using the patented NeoGraft technology there is no linear scar, no stitches, no staples, and the hair in the donor area heals in less than a week and will be completely undetectable.  You can wear you hair any way that you want and it will still look completely natural.

Your completely “natural” appearance after the Neograft procedure

Your appearance using the “old” strip method, not Neograft


If you would like to learn more about Neograft, call us today for a free consultation. There is no commitment, other than to sit down with Dr. Wudel and learn about what Neograft could potentially do for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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