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The Procedure – a few answers from Dr. Wudel

What will happen during my initial consultation with Dr. Wudel?

“The initial consultation is one of the most important pieces to reaching your hair restoration goals. At the first visit we will sit down and discuss your hair loss, goals for hair restoration, and discuss in detail both surgical and non-surgical options available to treat your hair loss. During this appointment we are able to use our state of the art software to demonstrate to you what your hair would look like after a hair transplant. You will also get a quote for what your procedure will cost on the day of your consultation. At Renew Facial Plastic Surgery we believe in honest up-front pricing without gimmicks or hidden fees, so you will never be asked to pay more than the price you see on the quote.”

How do I prepare for my NeoGraft procedure?

“Patients are asked to cut their hair short on the back and sides prior to the procedure. The top hair can be left long and can be blended in to the back and sides following the hair transplant. Getting a short haircut prior to the procedure makes returning to work and social settings less noticeable once the donor site has healed in and is covered by the surrounding hair. We ask that patients have a good breakfast the day of the procedure and bring their prescribed medications with them to the office on the day of the transplant.”

How long does the NeoGraft procedure take on average and what should I expect during the NeoGraft procedure?

“The length of the procedure is really dependent on the number of grafts that we need to harvest. On average, the time varies from about 4 hours for a small transplant and up to 8 hours for a large transplant.

The transplant day is split into two halves: hair harvesting and hair placement. During the first half of the day the patient lies face down and the back and side of the scalp are anesthetized to ensure that the graft harvest is painless. We then harvest all of the necessary hairs needed for you hair transplant one by one with the NeoGraft device. After this is complete you are able to get up, use the restroom, and eat lunch. The second half of the day you sit upright and the front and top of the scalp are anesthetized to so that the placement of the grafts is pain free. During this time you are able to listen to music or watch movies if you choose. After the grafts are placed you are given a comprehensive list of instructions on how to care for your newly transplanted hair and given approved products to use on the site after surgery.”

How do I plan for the day of my NeoGraft procedure and the first week following the procedure?

“Patients should plan to be in the office for most of the day during their transplant. Most procedures take anywhere from 4-8 hours. We ask that you wear comfortable clothing and a button down shirt that will not need to be pulled over your head following the procedure. If you want to listen to a book on tape, music, or watch movies during the second half of the procedure we encourage you to bring that with you to your procedure.

Following your NeoGraft procedure you should expect that your implanted hairs will be slightly raised for 1-2 weeks. This is done intentionally to allow for flattening which occurs during the healing process. 3-4 days after the procedure small scabs will form around the implanted hairs and in the donor area. These will falloff during the first two weeks. It is important not to rub the scabs or put any pressure on the newly transplanted hairs in the first two weeks as this can cause the grafts to fall out. It is OK to wear a hat following the procedure after your remove the bandage provided it is a structured hat (trucker style) that will sit above the grafts and not put pressure on the scalp. If you have questions about which hats are OK to wear it is best to contact our office first.”

What about ongoing care and maintenance?

“The best part about your newly transplanted hair is that it is “forever hair”. Your newly transplanted hair is not going to fall out and with the NeoGraft method our take rate is nearly 95%. In addition to your newly transplanted hair, halting additional hair loss is the next best thing you can do to maintain your new look. The NeoGraft LED light system is great for stimulating blood flow to the new follicles and helping prevent miniaturization and loss of additional hair. Furthermore, you may want to consider Propecia or Rogaine as supplemental therapy to halt hair loss. Dr. Wudel will discuss this with you in detail before and after your procedure.”

As a woman, what can I expect the benefits of NeoGraft to be compared to other techniques?

“The follicular unit extraction method by NeoGraft is a great option for treating hair loss in women. Women generally do not bald in the same pattern as men, and often need density on the top of the scalp rather than a full hair line restoration. This usually means less grafts are needed overall and with the NeoGraft method we can harvest grafts from the donor area leaving the hair style unchanged. The donor site is then covered by the surrounding longer hair making it completely undetectable.”

How am I going to feel immediately after the procedure?

“After the NeoGraft procedure we will make sure the grafts are properly placed and in good position. A topical antibiotic will be applied over the donor site and an absorbent dressing will be placed over the back of the head which is left in place for two days. Because there is no incision, there is minimal discomfort and there are no sutures or staples that need to be removed. It is normal to have some swelling in the donor area as well as the forehead which will subside in a few days. You will be given all of the hair products you need and comprehensive instructions on how to care for your grafts post-operatively. It is best to refrain from strenuous activity for the first week after surgery as this can increase swelling in the forehead.”